We sell power at the wholesale 'spot' price with a tiny markup. This allows us to give you the best price. Our customers are making significant savings each month.

New Zealanders are used to fixed-priced power. This gives one price all the time and allows customers to experience consistent low prices each month. Most of the time our fixed price offering is the lowest advertised. Also when you sign up we don’t just give you a temporary discount to get you to join we just deliver the best price to you all the time. Our prices are fair so that we don’t put new customers on a better price than our existing customers. Just one great price for all our customers you go on our best plan and stay there.

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Total 7.8
Overall Satisfaction 8.7
Value for Money 8.7
Customer Service 6.0
Average from 3 reviews
2019-07-15 12:00:54
Trish McLean 10.0
I am saving heaps with this company compared to my old company. Very happy!
Cheap rates
Easy to change over
No contract
Not available everywhere
2019-05-14 08:06:24
alan stewart 8.3
best power company I have dealt with pricewise.
low charges for power,clear and easy to understand billing.
bit slow to sign up and communicate
2019-03-20 11:29:35
Riria barrett 5.0
Costumer service I usually only ring to check account balance and always have to wait for call back also a guy I spoke to today was so rude to me when I asked for a refund he laughed and asked me what it was for I told him he then said wait for call back and hung up as I was trying to tell him my number is changed .I then found a new power company I found him racist and rude