Trustpower generates a large amount of New Zealand’s electricity — powering numerous homes and businesses nationwide. We also generate electricity in Australia. We have a strong focus on sustainable generation using hydroelectric power stations. We are continually seeking to expand our generation network, as well as make efficiencies, and minimise environmental impacts.

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Total 3.8
Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Value for Money 3.3
Customer Service 4.1
Average from 18 reviews
2021-09-06 17:41:49
Ross Browne 6.0
Was a good company, easy to get in touch with
but they were expensive
Paid for high speed internet but not convinced I got it
doggy connection speed
2021-09-04 10:01:09
Grumpy Old Man 1.0
Snarly customer service
highest power prices
The Westpower rebate/dividend in December - basically your December bill is free
Poor customer service and high cost
2021-06-04 22:38:17
Lynda Irvine 3.7
Prices are high - phone service terrible and it’s meant to be a bundle but each service is separate and you are like a new customer for each one - I must have spent a total of 8 hours on the phone to get started- lots of promises not delivered
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