Trustpower generates a large amount of New Zealand’s electricity — powering numerous homes and businesses nationwide. We also generate electricity in Australia. We have a strong focus on sustainable generation using hydroelectric power stations. We are continually seeking to expand our generation network, as well as make efficiencies, and minimise environmental impacts.

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Total 3.8
Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Value for Money 3.4
Customer Service 4.1
Average from 16 reviews
2021-06-04 22:38:17
Lynda Irvine 3.7
Prices are high - phone service terrible and it’s meant to be a bundle but each service is separate and you are like a new customer for each one - I must have spent a total of 8 hours on the phone to get started- lots of promises not delivered
2021-04-02 07:44:52
Vanessa 1.0
Trustpower is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Their prices are much higher also.

We were a customer for just under a year.
We opted for unlimited everything including internet.

Every power bill received we were shocked at the price

We ordered fibre.
The owners before us had Fibre and so did each of our neighbours.
Trustpower advised it was not available at our address and would need to send someone out to check for install which would take 4-6 weeks.

After 6 weeks with no phone call or visit to check I rung and was advised it could take another 6 weeks.

After many calls, hours waiting on hold and the worst customer service each time we eventually had someone out to check after 16 weeks.

They advised there no fibre available and we would need to install.
We were also advised we would need consent from our neighbours (who all had fibre).

At 20 weeks I rang again to find out what was going on as no one had phoned or emailed us.
We were advised by TP the neighbours had not given consent and we would need to get a copper lead installed for a cost of around $150-$200 for ADSL/VDSL as I knew nothing about this process and we had now been using 4G for 20 weeks and were desperate to find a solution, we said yes to copper.
The copper was installed and the internet on. Extremely slow and often we just used 4G as it was too slow but it was on.

3 months later I noticed a Chorus van in our area installing Fibre for a neighbour a few houses down and I explained my experience with TP to him.

He advised our home had fibre and showed me where it was installed by the previous owners.
Also that all our neighbours have fibre and had provided consent previously so even if we didn’t have fibre (which we did) they could install.

I spoke to a new power and internet company yesterday and have signed up within the hour and have fibre being connected on Monday.
Not only was this so simple for them to offer and provide but their service was incredible. more
The app is user friendly.
All the above.
2020-10-26 15:37:25
Not happy 2.0
All I'm going to say is do not go with trust power it is a flippen rip off ! I am changing !!! Back to my old providers
High pricing! There services has doubled !!! In such a big way ! I was with genesis my gas heater was on nearly every day! The internet provider I was with 2degrees reached upstairs and now I have switched to trust power ... The internet no longer reaches up stairs and my gas, power have doubled !!! Wtf ! I am beside myself !!!! more
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