Trustpower generates a large amount of New Zealand’s electricity — powering numerous homes and businesses nationwide. We also generate electricity in Australia. We have a strong focus on sustainable generation using hydroelectric power stations. We are continually seeking to expand our generation network, as well as make efficiencies, and minimise environmental impacts.

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Total 3.8
Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Value for Money 3.4
Customer Service 4.1
Average from 16 reviews
2020-07-08 12:22:26
Simon 1.0
Spent 4 hours on the phone to Trustpower to try and fix my Fiber internet. I currently cant stream HD video, or TVNZ on demand. My partner and i have brand new high end laptops with only USB-C connectors. Trustpower admits there is a problem however refuses to 'Log a Fault' with a technician without hardwiring a computer to the router to run more tests. the part for this costs $70 from Noel Leeming. Trust power originally agreed to credit my account the amount to purchase this part and informed me it would cost $5.67, after checking the real price online and phoning them back (and another 40 minutes on hold) they have told me they will not pay for the part and will not log and fault. They will not help me resolve my internet issues in any way util i spend my own money on a useless part i will never use again. there latest suggestion was to "look for a cheap on on trade me". At this point i have a unusable internet connection and Trustpower has no interest in Helping me.

All my internet Hardware was provided by Trustpower and the install arranged by them. more
Absolutely none
2020-06-24 11:13:03
James MILLER 6.3
Just wish they would look after their existing customers a bit more.

Have managed to extract a few dollars from them when they stuff up.
Local call centre which is excellent if you get the right person
In return for a small payment as compensation for a major stuff up they put me on a 2 year contract.
Not as cheap as they should be. Spending too much on incentives for new customers
Call centre has deteriorated. Slower response times and some less than efficient operators. more
2020-06-21 09:11:26
Christine Johnstone 3.0
Sometimes you get a great person on the other end of the phone. But increasingly their customer service and services is becoming patchy
Keep everything under one roof
Customer service is poor.
No deals for long term customers. No longer competitive.
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