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Compare EnergyclubNZ Power Prices

Compare energyclubnz power prices with Power Compare. Power Compare can help you compare power prices for energyclubnz and other NZ Power Providers.
energyclubnz offer an innovative approach to power - their customers pay a small weekly 'club fee' and in return, energyclubnz offer their electricity "at cost" helping their members save loads. Is energyclubnz the best option at your address?
Power Compare can help you compare power prices and power plans to make an informed choice about the best plan for you.



Compare EnergyclubNZ Plans

Receive your electricity "at cost"

Join energyclubnz, pay a small weekly club fee, and receive your electricity "at cost" at a flat low rate. How much could you save on power when you switch?

Hassle free power plans

energyclubnz offer their customers no fixed term contracts. Customers are charged a flat rate, so they aren't exposed our customers to spot price fluctuations.

Is EnergyclubNZz the best choice for me?

 Our team of sales consultants can run you through power plans and electricity prices to help you make an informed choice about which plan will help you save the most, or get the best rewards