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Electric Kiwi - Free Hour of Power

Electric Kiwi connects you with the same reliable power you've always had – so why not save heaps, pay less and get more?

Why Electric Kiwi?

  • FREE hour of power - We have a smart way to help you save even more money. You choose 60 minutes of off peak power that suits your lifestyle and use the washing machine, the dishwasher... anything you like. All power used during that hour is free each day!
  • Everyday Low prices - No limited time offers, special deals or other gimmicks to distract you from the real price you pay. Just upfront low power prices, 365 days a year.
  • Guaranteed savings - We're so sure you'll save in your first year, we guarantee it. No catches, just smart savings.
  • No contracts - No sign up fees. No break fees. No catches. We'd rather keep you happy with guaranteed savings, low power bills and our great kiwi service.
  • Awesome online service - We've got friendly online experts ready to help you. We’ll sort your queries asap via Live Chat, email or Facebook - or if you prefer the old-school style, we'll give you a call!
  • Awesome online service - Our friendly humans are ready to help at the click of a button. We’ll sort your queries asap via Live Chat, email or Facebook - or if you prefer old-school style just request a call back.
  • Switching simplified - It only takes 2 minutes to sign up to Electric Kiwi. Simply enter a few details online and you're done – we take care of the rest... including contacting your old power company.
  • Smart technology - We've invested heavily in creating smart technology that helps us to buy power smarter. We then pass those savings onto our customers - giving you guaranteed savings, low power prices, and free power daily!

If big savings, low power prices and awesome service sounds like you, join Electric Kiwi today. Smaller. Smarter.
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Join Electric Kiwi and get

Free hour of power

With Electric Kiwi you get an hour of free off-peak power every day! Choose your hour. All electricity used during that hour is free. Check your address to see if you can get this amazing offer!

No contracts

No break fees, no catches. We don't believe in contracts or break fees. If we do a good job, then you'll have no reason to leave right? 

Guaranteed savings

We’re so sure you’ll save in your first year, we guarantee it. Sign up through Power Compare and start saving today!