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Tired of being overcharged? Join energyclubnz through Power Compare today and see how much you could save compared to your old electricity provide's bill! energyclubnz is a kiwi-owned energy retailer which offers fair pricing and no fixed term contracts. As a member, you pay a small weekly club fee and in return receive low energy rates every day. Switching for energyclubnz is easy and fast - just leave your details here and discover great energyclubnz offers on Power Compare. No paperwork - signup process is entirely online based. Become an energyclubnz Member today through Power Compare!


Benefits of joining energyclubnz

Low pricing

Your weekly energyclubnz bill will include your power cost plus a small weekly club fee. There is no spot pricing - you will receive low everyday rates on your electricity, so you know the exact amount you will be paying.

Smart tracking

To make tracking process easier, you can download energyclubnz app on your smartphone or use your online account. Your power consumption would be graphically displayed and you can check your balance or pay your bill.

No hassle

Become an energyclucnz Member and enjoy its great service - an open-term contract, flat energy rate, easy sign-up process. Just fill in your details on Power Compare and join energyclubnz today!