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Our goal is lofty - to help bring an end to energy poverty in Aotearoa. Too many Kiwis are subject to energy choices that impact on their wellbeing. Like choosing between food on the table and adequately heating their home. And that plain ain't right.

But there's a way to reduce power bills without cutting back on the power that keeps Kiwi homes safe and comfortable. Choice, control and smart tech - welcome to the future of energy. Sign up to Flick on Power Compare


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Wholesale power pricing

Here at Flick, whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for. Whether you're riding the spot market with Freestyle, or smoothing the ride with FIXIE, you're accessing wholesale power prices, and paying a separate, totally transparent Flick fee for us to act as your retailer. We reckon it's NZ's fairest power pricing.

The power is yours

With Flick, you're in control. Choose to actively monitor spot prices and control what you pay with Freestyle, or choose FIXIE and smooth the ride with a fixed generation price. Pay the actual cost of your bill weekly, or choose to pay a regular amount with Volt. Choose to monitor NZ's carbon emissions from electricity with CHOICE and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Get power over your power!

You're in good company

From long-time supporter of Wellington-based charity, One Percent Collective, to scholarship sponsor of non-profit youth mountain biking organisation, WORD, we're proud to stand alongside innovative organisations doing good things a little bit differently.