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Genesis Energy Exclusive Offer

Exclusive offer only for Power Compare customers! 
Switch your electricity to Genesis Energy before 29/02/2020 on a 12-month contract and get $200 Credit and their current lowest electricity rates
Plus, you also get: 

  • 15% prompt payment discount
  • Earn Fly Buys Points
  • Power Shouts
  • The convenience of one bill for all fuels you have with us
  • The Energy IQ app

Get even more rewards when you switch both your power and gas to Genesis Energy!
Sign up for electricity and natural gas on a 12-month contract and get $250 Credit.
Need LPG? Switch your power and LPG to Genesis Energy on a 12-month contract and get $200 Credit + one free LPG bottle.

Why wait? Leave your details today and enjoy low power prices and great bonuses from Genesis Energy!

This exclusive Power Compare offer expires 29/02/2020.


Genesis Energy Ecxlusive Deal

Get up to $250 credit

Switch one or two services to Genesis Energy on a 12-month term and get up to $250 credit!

Best Price

With this deal, you will have Genesis' lower electricity prices during your 12-month contract.

Save more

Pay your bill on time and get an amazing 15% prompt payment discount. Get the deal today on Power Compare!