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Powershop Classic Plan



Plan ID: #18last updated on 2020-06-11 14:47:11




Loyalty Program / Green Energy / Smart Meter / Kiwi Owned

Payment options

Credit card / Bank transfer / Cash




Powershop Offer - Get Guaranteed Savings & $150 Free Power Now! Powershop Offer - Get Guaranteed Savings & $150 Free Power Now!



Terms and conditions:

$150 Credit & Guaranteed Savings Terms and Conditions
$150 Credit:

This offer is for new customers only. You will not be eligible to receive this sign up credit if you or anyone else residing at your property has received credit for signing up to Powershop within the last 12 months. To receive the $150 worth of free power, you need to join Powershop via this page while it is visible. Once you’ve been switched to Powershop, we will credit your account with $25. You’ll then receive a $10 credit in each of your 10 following monthly account review periods, and a final credit of $25 in the final account review period of your first year as a Powershop customer.

The 12 sign up credits, worth a total of $150, are only available to cover the cost of your electricity with Powershop and cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. If you switch away from Powershop within 12 months of becoming a customer then you forfeit your right to any remaining credits that would have been due under this promotion. Powershop may, at its sole discretion, either decline to apply, or remove any sign up credit granted, where it reasonably believes that a customer or other residents at a property have already received a sign up credit for that property within the last 12 months.

Powershop may require proof of identification, and/or a tenancy agreement or sale and purchase agreement in order to verify eligibility for this offer and the date that you took control of the property. Your eligibility is further dependent on you agreeing to Powershop's customer terms and conditions, and authorising Powershop to conduct a credit check using the details you sign up with and Powershop being satisfied with the results of that credit check.

Full Terms and Conditions