Multisaver Bundle Standard

Provider Nova Energy 2.3
Estimated price $263.77/30 days
Fixed price -
Welcome credit -
Termination fee $0.00
Usage Standard
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Bundle electricity with broadband and/or gas & save - code NZCOMPARE

Get Unlimited Broadband for $75/mth when you also sign up for electricity with Nova Energy! Use promo code NZCOMPARE. Add gas* and you could enjoy Multisaver natural gas special pricing too. No fixed terms and break fees, great value electricity and natural gas* pricing, free standard installation and modem ($15 modem delivery fee applies). Broadband is not available everywhere, T&C's apply.

Terms & Conditions

Electricity pricesThe price is approximate, it is calculated from the data entered and may differ from your actual monthly bill

Anytime $0.2194/kWh
Controlled $0.2194/kWh
Night $0.1727/kWh
Daily charge $2.8830/day
Inclusive $0.2194/kWh
Day $0.2388/kWh
Night Only $0.1727/kWh
EA Levy fee $0.0022/kWh


Broadband (included) from $75/mo
Natural gas available
  • Use promo code NZCOMPARE.
  • To be eligible for this Plan, you have to bundle any TWO or more products (electricity, natural gas, broadband) with Nova Energy at the same property.
  • Your pricing on this Plan is not fixed and is subject to change from time to time. Nova Energy will notify you if your pricing changes.
  • Nova Energy may adjust your pricing if, for any reason, the information Nova Energy has relied on to set your pricing is incorrect and/or requires amendment (e.g., if your metering set-up or capacity and/or your pricing category is incorrect or changes).
  • The use of a Nova modem or router (unless you choose to use your own). A $15 delivery fee applies. However, if you end your broadband service with Nova Energy, you’ll need to return this equipment in good working condition, or an equipment fee will apply:
    • per NetComm NF18ACV - $129
    • per Nokia Beacon 2  - $99
  • This Plan cannot be transferred to a different property and will end if you move.
  • Nova’s broadband is available throughout the North Island and down to Timaru in the South Island.
  • Natural gas service is available throughout the North Island only.
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