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Nova Energy Home Advantage

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Nova Energy Deal - Get an account credit of up to $300!* PLUS...Nova Energy Deal - Get an account credit of up to $300!* PLUS enjoy the same pricing until 31 March 2020

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Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions

1.         The Home Advantage Plan is a special pricing plan for selected residential customers who sign up to receive their bills by email.

2.         On this Plan, your electricity and/or natural gas pricing will stay the same until 31 March 2020, unless Nova Energy adjusts your pricing due to changes to taxes (e.g., GST), levies, the Emissions Trading Scheme, or any other governmental changes; or if your pricing requires correction.

3.         You will also receive a $150 account credit (including GST) per electricity and/or natural gas Installation Connection Point on your first Nova Energy invoice. This account credit is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable and no cash alternative is available.

4.         Should you move or end the Plan for any reason before 31 March 2020 an early termination fee may apply. This early termination fee will comprise of an Administration Fee of $50 plus a Variable Fee of $100 which reduces by $10 for every 30 day period that you have been on the Plan.

5.         If you move properties and sign up with Nova Energy on standard pricing at your new property, the early termination fee may be waived at Nova’s discretion.

6.         At the end of the Term, you will be charged the standard pricing applicable for your area and metering setup. We will notify you in writing of this new pricing.

7.         Acceptance and eligibility criteria apply. Our General Terms apply along with the Special Terms of the Plan. Copies of both will be sent to you with your agreement and are also available on our website here; www.novaenergy.co.nz/home-advantage-offer-terms