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Slingshot Power

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electricity / internet


Smart Meter

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Credit card / Bank transfer






Slingshot Bundle Deal - Get 10% prompt payment discount both on power and...Slingshot Bundle Deal - Get 10% prompt payment discount both on power and broadband!

Terms and conditions:

Slingshot offer a prompt payment discount (PPD) if you have broadband and power services with them. If your account is paid in full on the due date noted on your invoice, you’ll get 10% off your power bill, and 10% off your broadband base plan (and off your home phone rental too if you have that service).

This discount applies to the charges related directly to the Broadband plan, Homeline plan, and Power rates. However, it excludes homeline features, add-ons, calling packs, overage, mobile, calls to 0900 numbers and the like, and any miscellaneous Power charges such as a meter test. The bill will clearly show the PPD value, the amount due less the PPD together with the date due, and the amount due if paid late without PPD applied. Bundle Terms and Conditions apply.