Good Nights Standard User

Provider Contact Energy 3.9
Estimated price $277.63/30 days
Fixed price -
Welcome credit -
Termination fee $0.00
Usage Standard
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Get FREE 3 hours of power daily!

Have a good night every night, with three hours of free electricity, from 9pm-midnight on the Good Nights plan. Unlimited Fibre broadband can be added from just $80/mth ($14.99 P&D applies). Ts & Cs and Fair Use policy apply.

Terms & Conditions

Electricity pricesThe price is approximate, it is calculated from the data entered and may differ from your actual monthly bill

Anytime $0.2473/kWh
Controlled $0.2473/kWh
Night $0.2473/kWh
Daily charge $2.6117/day
Inclusive $0.2473/kWh
Day $0.2473/kWh
Night Only $0.2473/kWh
EA Levy fee $0.0018/kWh


Broadband from $80/mo
LPG available
Natural gas available
  • Any savings associated with the Good Nights plan will vary depending on your meter setup, how you use electricity overall, and particularly how much usage you shift to the free period (9pm-midnight every night). Everyone’s usage is different. However, the more usage you shift to the free period, the more you can save. Fair Use policy applies.
  • On the Good Nights plan, you must have an eligible and actively communicating electricity smart meter.
  • While the electricity usage is free on this plan between 9pm-midnight, the daily charge will still apply.
  • There may be times when we need to estimate your electricity usage, for example, where the meter fails to communicate actual read data or where you switch off the mains. If this occurs persistently or continuously, we may need to move you to another plan. We’ll notify you should this occur.
  • Any estimates will be subsequently corrected with actual meter read data where available, and if there’s a difference between the estimates and actual reads, we’ll invoice or credit you the amount for any differences in calculated charges.
  • Subject to a satisfactory credit check.