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Total 3.8
Overall Satisfaction 2.8
Value for Money 4.2
Customer Service 3.0
Average from 6 reviews
2024-03-06 09:01:33
Kathy 2.3
Signed up to Black Box in 2018. They were good to start with and my bills were great, always sitting around $100 per month.
Now, in 2024, I have had a $351 due to their meter readers not doing a meter read. Their note on my account being 'key didn't work'
However I have NEVER given the power company or its meter readers my house key.
I am a solo mum. I'm not giving a complete stranger access to my home, that's ludicrous. They have never had a key so why they used that as an excuse for not doing a meter read, is beyond me.
Having not done a meter read since July 2023, I was then slapped with a ridiculously high bill, with a $200 bill to follow.
At one stage, I recommended this company to people but I certainly wouldn't now.
No end of stress and notifications threatening to disconnects my power because I couldn't pay the $351 in a lump sum.
I have always paid my bill in full and on time.
Not impressed with this company and am now searching for a better one and will be changing. more
Meter readers don't turn up and claim customer isn't home, which is a load of bollocks, since I'm home every day.
2023-05-02 13:30:03
Daria 2.3
Spoke to them on the phone about a quote, they pressured me into agreeing to a callback a week later, when I made it very clear I would call THEM if I was interested. They have rung me 12 times in two weeks. I will decline the phone-call and they will immediately call me back 4-5 times. I have now blocked the number. Good one Black Box Power, you have completely lost a potential customer by being absolutely insane!
idk i guess they are on the cheaper side
2022-07-21 12:08:04
Sophie 3.3
I used to recommend this company to everyone but started to notice that actually I wasnt saving money at all and I was on the wrong plan. 3 seperate phone calls later they still hadn't moved me to the correct plan, was told incorrect information and misled by the call centre. much happier with my new provider.
every now and then you get some "free" groceries to test
they dont seem to really care about their current customers