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Each power provider has various pricing plans suitable for different customers. By comparing different energy pricing plans, you can find the best one for you.  Are you, for example a Standard User or a Low User?

What is in my pricing plan?

Power companies are now obliged to provide the available pricing plans to anybody upon request. Pricing plans use various factors, based on the power being delivered and used in your household. Your physical address is important to your pricing plan because different providers work in different parts of New Zealand. Your pricing plan can also depend on the meter type you are using.

Your power usage, electricity meter information and various pricing plans available will help you choose the best plan available for you.  Power Compare does not take into account your actual energy consumption and does not currently incorporate electricity prices on a kWh basis into our rating - as such if you would like data on NZ electricity pricing trends and the like we suggest you research these trends at the Electricity Authority website or contact the individual power companies for details of their prices at your address. 

Power Compare is focussed on providing a comparison of power deals and promotions - not kWh prices - new customer sign up offers and power deals in NZ are often a significant dollar value that will help you to get the best power deal for your needs.

How can I access my pricing plan information?

You can send your current power company a request for available pricing plans. You can contact your power company using their website, by phone or email. They are obliged to give this information to you.

If you are unable to resolve any problems with your power provider, feel free to contact the Utilities Disputes Ltd.

How can I use my pricing plan information?

When you receive your electricity usage information from your provider, you can then find the best power company deals available for you.

With Power Compare, you can then choose which power company provider in NZ is the most suitable for you by combining your knowledge of your power usage, meter information and pricing plans with the power sign up deals and promotions we list and compare.

We have gathered all of the best power company plans for you. Check your address for the best power provider in your city by comparing power plans at Power Compare's homepage.

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