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Pricing Trends

According to the report published by Electricity Authority on the Analysis of Electricity Costs in January 2014, for many decades the actual cost of supply was higher than electricity prices. Since 1985 electricity prices have seen a steep rise due to cross-subsidies removal early on, and later, by higher costs for electricity generation and supplies.

Despite the reduction in average costs during the 1990s, electricity prices have seen a sharp increase starting early 2000s, which was resulted by the increased fuel costs, as well as the increase to GST in 2010. Recently transmission and distribution charges affected prices negatively too.

The Power Compare rating does not take into account your actual energy consumption and does not currently incorporate electricity prices on a kWh basis into our rating - as such if you would like data on NZ electricity pricing trends and the like we suggest you research these trends at the Electricity Authority website. 

Power Compare is focussed on providing a comparison of power deals and promotions - not kWh prices - new customer sign up offers and power deals in NZ are often a significant dollar value that will help you to get the best power deal for your needs.

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