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Compare Light Bulbs

There are a wide variety of light bulbs available in New Zealand and if you are looking to compare light bulbs or save money with energy saving lightbulbs then this article will help. There is a large variety of various light bulbs available and when you compare lightbulb types you will find the cheapest energy saving lightbulbs for your needs.

Let’s compare different types of light bulbs you can choose from:

Compare LED Light Bulbs

  • Long life (energy saving bulbs can last much longer than traditional light bulbs. They require up to 85% less electricity)
  • Suitable for general lighting 
  • Good substitution for standard GLS light bulbs
  • You can choose colors ranging from “cool white” to “warm white”
  • Full, bright and instant 

Compare CFL bulbs - Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

  • Cheap energy saving bulbs cost less than LEDs
  • Takes some time for fully light up
  • Contains mercury. So, it’s better to avoid using this type of bulbs in places where it can be easily broken
  • Good to replace your standard GLS light bulbs with
  • Switching frequently can cut their durability


Compare Halogen Lightbulbs - Next gen halogen globes

  • Long life durability (2 times more than traditional incandescent light bulbs)
  • Uses about 5 times more electricity compared to other types of light bulbs, such as LEDs, CFLs
  • Can be dimmed
  • Save up to 30% on your electricity bills by using next gen halogen globes instead of traditional incandescent light bulbs


Whichever type of lightbulbs you choose, the biggest way to save money on your electricty bill is to ensure you have the best energy provider in NZ.  So if you are looking for the cheapest energy provider in NZ then use the main Power Compare website to help save you money on your power bill.

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