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How To Switch Power Company

New Zealand is known to be one of the fastest countries in the world to switch your power provider.

Do I have the best electricity plan available?

With Power Compare you can see how much you could save by switching energy company providers. We compare the available pricing plans all throughout New Zealand to deliver the best energy deals for you.

Compare Power Providers Now

How to switch my power provider?

Power Compare includes thorough information on best power company deals for you to assess the money you could potentially save.

In case you wish to find out more about each individual power plan, you'll be directed to their website, where you can confirm the savings you can make. Similarly, feel free to check various power providers’ pricing plans to make the most educated and economical choice. 

When you make a decision on the best energy company supplier, you can start the switching process by following the instructions on their website. The new energy company you’ve chosen will make the arrangements for transferring you to a new energy plan. Usually, it is free to make a switch.

Averagely, it may take up to 3–4 days to finish the switching process. 

What can I do if I have a fixed contract term with my present provider, and I want to switch?

Some companies have a “break fee” in contracts that are fixed. If you wish to terminate your contract with a provider before your term comes to an end, a break fee will apply. Before switching, please make sure to check the terms and conditions with your current power company provider, and contact them for more details if you have any questions.

In case there is a break fee in your fixed term contract, feel free to connect with your power company and make sure how that fee is specifically applied, or if you could get a better pricing plan.

How do I find a better electricity deal?