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Your power usage info will help you compare best power prices in an accurate and personalised way.

Your power provider keeps a record of your energy usage to ensure that your bill is accurate. Some energy providers also use this information to offer other services custom tailored for you.

You can use this data at any time to help you reduce the amount of power you use, or switch to alternative power providers.

Your electricity usage information can be requested from your power provide for no additional cost, up to four times annually.

What does my power usage information include?

It is a detailed report of your energy usage, which includes how much energy you’ve used throughout the past 24 months. Normally, it’ll keep track of how much energy you consume daily. In case you have a smart meter, you can even check your energy consumption at certain times of the day.

How can I access this information?

You can send your current power company a request for your usage information. In case you have switched your power provider in the past 24 months, you’ll need to contact all of the energy companies you have used to receive a full set of information for this time.

You can contact your power company using their website, by phone or email. They are obliged to give this information to you.

If you are unable to resolve any problems with your power provider, feel free to contact the Utilities Disputes Ltd.

How can I use my power usage information?

Having received your electricity usage, you can then find the best power company deals available for you. You can compare power rates and switch. You’ll also be able to see how you can reduce your power usage, or change to alternative energy sources.

With Power Compare, you can choose which power company provider in NZ is the most suitable for you by combining your requested power usage, meter information and pricing plans your address is eligible for.

Why spend more, when you could start saving today. Check your address for the best power provider in your city by comparing power plans at Power Compare's homepage.

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