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YOU are in charge of your power data. 

“We make it easy for you to compare power companies and find your best energy supplier.”

This info more will help you make more educated decisions about your energy use. There are three unique sorts of power data that can enable you to make your decision: your power usage, pricing plan and meter information.


Power usage in NZ

Your energy usage (also known as consumption data) will give you a better idea on how much power you use, and in case you have a smart meter, when exactly you use it throughout the day.

This information can be used to get some more accurate data to compare best NZ power providers, and choose the cheapest power. You can always request your usage information from your current power provider.

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Electricity meters in NZ

The information on your connection to the power network is held on your meter, and it’s being sent to your power provider. This info is used by energy companies to choose the best pricing plan that can be offered to you.

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Power plans in NZ

Power providers are obliged to provide the available pricing plans to anybody upon request. But to make your life easier, Power Compare has gathered all of the available power plans for you.

Just follow the link to our homepage, type in your address, and see all of the available NZ power company providers in your district. Find your ideal power company with the best power deal. 

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