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Power Meter Types

Confused about Power Meters? You’re in the right place! A Power Meter keeps track of how much power you’re using in your home and the readings are used to calculate your power bill.

In New Zealand there are several different type of metering options, with different electricity rates charged for each. The charge that appears on your power bill will depend on the type of meter (or meters) installed in your home. Some homes have more than one type of meter installed to supply electricity to different types of appliances.  

Types of Power Meters in New Zealand

Anytime Meter

An Anytime (or Uncontrolled) Meter provides a simple flow of electricity to the property 24 hours a day, charged at one rate.  This is the most common type of meter in New Zealand homes and is commonly used to power appliances, lighting and power points.

Controlled Meter            

A Controlled Meter allows your power provider to “control” how much electricity is used during peak periods by limiting your electricity supply at set times. You will pay a lower rate for your electricity as a result. Electricity is usually available for a minimum of 16 hours a day depending on where you are and which controlled option you are on. Controlled Meters are commonly used for hot water cylinders, pumps or floor heating.

Controlled Meters are usually paired with an Anytime Meter to ensure a dedicated supply to your home 24 hours a day.

Inclusive Meter

An Inclusive Meter is a single meter that offers a combination of an Anytime and Controlled Meter. The supply of electricity is able to be controlled for a particular appliance on the property, for example the hot water system. This means that your hot water supply may be turned off during peak times for an allocated period of time. This option allows you to save on your total power usage by paying a flat rate for both anytime and controlled usage.

Night Only Meter

A Night Only Meter provides electricity only at night, usually between 11pm-7am. This type of meter is typically used for hot water cylinders, pumps, under floor hearing and storage heating.

Day/Night Meter

A Day/Night Meter measures electricity used during the day separately from electricity used during the night. Two different rates are charged depending on whether energy was consumed during the day between 7am-11pm, or during the night between 11pm-7am. This can benefit people who use a good chunk of electricity during the night, usually around a third of their power.