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Compare Gas Prices - Bundle with Electricity

Comparing natural gas prices in New Zealand is an important step in finding the best deal and ensuring cost-effectiveness. To help you navigate the process, here are some of the best ways to compare natural gas prices in New Zealand:
Online Energy Price Comparison Websites:
Here at Power Compare, we unfortunately, are unable to provide comparison on gas or LPG ONLY offerings, however we are able to assist if you are interested in adding your gas with your electricity provider.  Click through below and you will be presented with options of retailers who offer gas or LPG as part of a bundle with their electricity offering. Just make sure to enter your address and pick the right electricity usage type for your household - Low or Standard. 
Contact Gas or LPG Only Retailers Directly:
Reach out to different gas retailers directly to inquire about their pricing plans. Many gas companies have dedicated customer service teams that can provide detailed information on available options, pricing structures, and any ongoing promotions. Contacting them directly allows you to gather personalized quotes based on your specific needs and location.
Consider Fixed vs. Variable Pricing:
Gas pricing in New Zealand can be offered as either fixed or variable rates. Fixed pricing means that the rate remains unchanged over a specified period, typically ranging from six months to several years. Variable pricing, on the other hand, fluctuates based on market conditions. Consider your preference for price stability versus potential cost savings when deciding between fixed and variable pricing options as this will also dictate if you are on a fixed term contract or not. 

Factors Affecting the Change in Natural Gas Prices for Consumers:

Supply and Demand:
Changes in supply and demand have a significant impact on natural gas prices. If the demand for natural gas increases or the supply decreases, prices tend to rise. Conversely, if demand decreases or supply increases, prices may decrease. Factors such as weather conditions, industrial demand, and export/import dynamics can influence supply and demand dynamics.
International Gas Prices:
Natural gas prices in New Zealand can be influenced by international market trends. Global factors such as geopolitical events, changes in gas production levels, and shifts in international gas trade can impact the cost of importing or exporting natural gas, which in turn affects domestic prices.
Infrastructure Costs:
The cost of building, operating, and maintaining the necessary infrastructure for delivering natural gas can influence consumer prices. Infrastructure expenses include pipeline networks, storage facilities, transportation, and distribution systems. Any changes or upgrades to the infrastructure may impact the overall cost of delivering natural gas to consumers.
Government Policies and Regulations:
Government policies and regulations can have an impact on natural gas prices. Taxes, levies, carbon pricing, and environmental regulations can contribute to price fluctuations. Additionally, the introduction of new regulations or changes in existing policies can affect the overall cost structure for gas retailers, which may be passed on to consumers.
Competition in the Market:
Competition among gas retailers plays a role in determining prices. In a competitive market, retailers may adjust their pricing strategies to attract customers or retain market share. It's important to compare prices among different retailers to take advantage of competitive pricing and find the best deal.
By considering these factors and utilizing the various methods mentioned above to compare natural gas prices in New Zealand, consumers can make informed decisions and potentially find cost-effective options that suit their energy needs. Regularly reviewing gas prices and exploring available options can help ensure that you are getting the best value for your natural gas supply.
Again, here at Power Compare we are unable to compare gas only options but we do offer a service to help you compare bundled plans.