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Home Ventilation Systems

Damp, stagnent air causes mould and moisture build up.  If you want to move air into your house but without using windows and doors, try a home ventilation system as an alternative to improve air flow.

Types of home ventilation systems

There are 2 main types of home ventilation systems in New Zealand - they are:

Positive pressure ventilation systems
Balanced pressure heat recovery systems


Advantages of home ventilation systems

If you compare ventilation system providers, you will see that they all offer air ventilations that don’t depend on weather conditions. If you have some mold in your house, try to find reasons and main sources of its formation. Ventilation system won’t make your home warmer, it replaces the air and avoids dampness. It also vents out unfresh air out of your house. As for heating up your house, you’ll need a heat transfer system.

Heat transfer systems

Heat transfer systems take heated air from one room of your house and blow it through ducts into one or more other rooms of your house. The source room must have a heater that can generate enough heat for multiple rooms, such as a large woodburner. Heat transfer systems do not normally bring fresh air into the house and as such are not ventilation systems. However, some ventilation systems may be combined with a heat transfer system.

They transfer air from one room to another. It means that one room generates most of the heat (with a large woodburner, for example), and a heat transfer system will distribute the heat across multiple rooms. Although heat transfer systems don’t circulate fresh air, they can be integrated with a ventilation system to bring fresh air.

One of the most imporatnt things to consider when choosing a home ventilation system is how energy efficient they are.  Any home ventilation system will cost money to run and that is where you want to make sure you have the best power plan for your property.  We hope this introduction to comparing home ventilation systems has been of help.  Whatever type of ventilation system you choose, make sure you are on the best power plan for your needs.  Compare NZ energy providers on our homepage for free.