Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi, your favourite independent digital electricity company, now has Broadband.

Home internet is about to get easier and fairer because Electric Kiwi has launched its own super-fast broadband service.

We know everyone does it. But now we’re doing it, and we’re doing it better! So it’s a good time to start talking about how some internet providers like to trouser a month’s fee from customers even when they’re done using their service (due to charging a month in advance), or having notice periods.

Electricity Kiwi charges for broadband by the day, so there’s no way we’ll end up slugging you an extra month’s bill when you need to leave. Seems fair because it is.

And we have no business locking you into a contract with exit fees. Any telco with contracts and exit fees is living in the dark ages. There’s no need for it. With Electric Kiwi you have the freedom to leave whenever.

Our broadband is currently available to our existing energy customers, but we’ll be available to everyone before long. If you can’t wait, you can join for electricity today and get broadband at the same time.

We have a team of friendly power and broadband experts based in our Auckland office ready to help with any queries via Live Chat, social media, email or call-back requests. Electric Kiwi operates on a no contracts basis – which means it’s our job to keep you happy with low prices and awesome service.

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Total 8.4
Overall Satisfaction 8.6
Value for Money 8.4
Customer Service 8.1
Average from 14 reviews
2022-04-29 14:13:59
Peter Swedlund 9.7
Just all round excellent. Moved from Mercury 2 months ago and saving money and really like being able to have some insight and ability to move usage to rational times.
Love evrything aobut it. It makes good sense to use the smart meters and time your usage.
2021-09-08 14:34:46
Matt 9.0
Great company providing an important challenge to the big Gentailers - helping create a fairer electricity market for us all.

Their prices are reasonable and I generally find the app easy to use.
Responsive and accessible customer service. Hour of power is great savings if you plan
If you forget to set the hour of power it can really sting you - there is no way to set a push notification in the app to remind you in the evening.
2021-07-22 16:03:11
Acacia Voorkamp 8.7
Was with Electric Kiwi for 2.5 years but they don't buy back solar power so with the installation of our solar panels next week we have to change providers. They've been great apart from that, although it looks like our new provider is going to be cheaper, so I think that with recent price increases Electric Kiwi may have lost some of their competitive edge - they were pretty much much cheapest when we first signed up.
Never had any issues with the connection and never had to use customer service. ...read more
App has great breakdown of usage, hourly, weekly, etc. Free off peak hour every day
No solar buyback
Switch to Electric Kiwi
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