Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi is an independent digital electricity company. As an independent, we’re here to give the status quo a shake. We believe Kiwis should be getting more from their electricity provider, while doing and paying less.

When starting out, we saw that electricity options were, in many cases, unnecessarily complex. Multiple discounts, joining specials and one-off deals clouded the real price. And though smart meters were being rolled out across the country, few providers had taken up the challenge to do anything smart with them.

We saw a gap for a company that could maximise smart technology to offer electricity that was cheaper, smarter and easy to manage.

How we deliver low every day electricity prices
We started out by custom-building our systems from scratch to ensure they were super-efficient and could capitalise on the benefits of new technology. We took all aspects of our business online, and then began creating ways for customers to benefit every day.

We also created the Hour of Power - a super easy way to boost your power savings every day.

Our service
We have a team of friendly power experts based in our Auckland office ready to help with any queries via Live Chat, social media, email or call-back requests. Electric Kiwi operates on a no contracts basis – which means it’s our job to keep you happy with low prices and awesome service.

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Price per 30 days
Total 8.3
Overall Satisfaction 8.5
Value for Money 8.2
Customer Service 8.1
Average from 13 reviews
2021-09-08 14:34:46
Matt 9.0
Great company providing an important challenge to the big Gentailers - helping create a fairer electricity market for us all.

Their prices are reasonable and I generally find the app easy to use.
Responsive and accessible customer service. Hour of power is great savings if you plan
If you forget to set the hour of power it can really sting you - there is no way to set a push notification in the app to remind you in the evening.
2021-07-22 16:03:11
Acacia Voorkamp 8.7
Was with Electric Kiwi for 2.5 years but they don't buy back solar power so with the installation of our solar panels next week we have to change providers. They've been great apart from that, although it looks like our new provider is going to be cheaper, so I think that with recent price increases Electric Kiwi may have lost some of their competitive edge - they were pretty much much cheapest when we first signed up.
Never had any issues with the connection and never had to use customer service. ...read more
App has great breakdown of usage, hourly, weekly, etc. Free off peak hour every day
No solar buyback
2021-07-01 13:27:17
Peter Coleman 1.0
I was a loyal customer for 3 years with 2 properties. When I went to move my plan to a new address Electric Kiwi disconnected the power at my previous address without discussing this with me first. They claimed to have written a letter to me first, which I never received. Surely an email, txt or phone call would have been more reliable in this modern age ? Who uses mail anymore ? Then they wanted to charge me $135 reconnection fee, when I never asked or agreed to be disconnected. What made it worse is that even after I agreed to the fee, Electric Kiwi forgot to reconnect the power, so I still don't have power and cannot rent out the apartment. Terrible service and attitude towards a loyal customer. Will never use this company for any of my properties again. ...read more
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Innovative ways to save on your power bill this winter with Electric Kiwi
What would you do with a free hour of power? As the winter weather sets in, canny Kiwis are looking for ways to save on their power bills over the cold season. Electric Kiwi has another innovative way to save on your power bill with their Hour of Power.