Frank Energy

Frank Energy

(previously Energy Online)

Frank Energy is the New Zealand energy company that prides itself on selling it to you straight. Because simple is smart. And let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do than waste time thinking about power.

They don’t do fluff, guff, freebies and gimmicks, focusing instead on keeping prices low all day every day, plus easy to understand plans, awesome local customer service and helpful tools to help you manage your monthly usage. Sound good? Frankly, it’s brilliant.

  • No contracts, hidden charges or exit fees
  • 3 fuels - Electricity, Natural Gas, Bottled LPG
  • Competitive pricing and 2 simple plans
  • Bill forecast via the Mobile App
  • 20+ years of experience and the choice of more than 85,000 Kiwis.
  • Sign up online in less than 3 minutes

Get your power straight up and join Frank Energy today.

Frank Energy is a brand of state-owned Genesis Energy, generating electricity from thermal, hydro and wind power stations.


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Total 4.3
Overall Satisfaction 3.0
Value for Money 5.2
Customer Service 4.2
Average from 6 reviews
2020-07-03 19:00:11
Mua Thompson 2.3
Energy Online was great the first time I joined and I stuck with them for so many years until our last bill that came out and it was $386, ridiculously expensive. Power Compare compared it with our new provider now and the difference was over $100. Very happy with my new PROVIDER now, Genesis.
2018-10-11 10:29:22
John 4.0
I've also had a poor experience with Energy Online. Their billing is widely inaccurate and inconsistent. One month I had a gas bill of $77, no bill the following month, a bill for $680 the following and finally a most recent bill of $360. They can't even explain why except to say its winter. The charges for $77 was the middle of winter and my charges for power and gas have never been so high in the 12 years of living at this address since moving to Energy Online.
My advice is stay clear unless you have no other options. more
A standard services company, nothing over and above
Pricing, billing, responsiveness,
2018-04-19 13:34:45
Henry 9.7
Been with Energy Online for 3 years and service is fantastic and costs way less than our previous provider. Rate 10/10 and recommend to anyone!
Price and service