Paua to the People

Paua to the People is a small independent electricity retailer with hundreds of customers across the Wellington region. Our mission is to bring the cheapest electricity prices to Wellington households.
Our Story
Like you, we were tired of paying through the nose to keep our lights on, our home heated, and our electrical gizmos working. So, we launched Paua to the People to bring super cheap electricity prices to all Wellingtonians.
At Paua to the People we’re not buying into all the meaningless fluff that makes electricity so expensive in NZ. Stuff like TV adverts, door to door salespeople and expensive contact centers. Paua to the People delivers only what you need.
It’s the same reliable electricity supply you've always had, but for much, much less!

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2018-07-02 19:50:13
Ricci 1.0
Don't select a company that doesn't have a contact number to talk to someone about any issues, and expect quality customer service. BTW the people who respond to your emails are idiots.
Easy to join
Rude, with no avenue of recourse for any issues. Didn't bother confirming connection until I contacted them. Communication, customer service, time spent wasted on joining - absolute shithouse