Paua to the People

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Total 1.0
Overall Satisfaction 6.3
Value for Money 6.0
Customer Service 4.7
Average from 3 reviews
2023-06-06 20:23:54
Yannick Devos 8.0
I was with Paua to the People until last year. I changed not because of their service, but because the spot market pricing's variability was getting a bit too much for my comfort. With kids, it was getting too complicated to look at the spot pricing website every time. I went with a company that has a more predictable plan. I do pay more, but it's easier to manage for my family.
Great price if you're really on top of the spot market's pricing. Small company, straight talkers.
Small company and while they answer to email and phone calls, it can sometimes take a bit longer than what you would have with a larger company.
2023-03-24 09:20:50
Max Drake 8.0
I have been with Paua for 3 years and have no complaints about their service at all.
I'm writing this in response to the previous poor rating where the person seems to be frustrated by their service.
I have made a couple of errors in paying bills and have forgotten or overpaid and all issues have been sorted promptly.
Steady and reliable
personally no cons
2018-07-02 19:50:13
Ricci 1.0
Don't select a company that doesn't have a contact number to talk to someone about any issues, and expect quality customer service. BTW the people who respond to your emails are idiots.
Easy to join
Rude, with no avenue of recourse for any issues. Didn't bother confirming connection until I contacted them. Communication, customer service, time spent wasted on joining - absolute shithouse