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Energy Online

Energy Online is all about electricity, natural gas and even LPG bottled gas - all in one place, at a good price. It offers simple plans, flexible payment options and easy-to-understand bills. Save your time with Energy Online smart apps and online service and enjoy its award-winning customer support. You can sign up in under five minutes through Power Compare. Leave your details here and choose the plan that suits you best. Energy Online will inform your current provider about the switch or sort the house move. Why wait, join Energy Online today through Power Compare!


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Great pricing

Get a prompt payment discount when you pay your power or natural gas bill fully on time. Energy Online will also let you know if there’s a better plan for you considering your current electricity usage. Find out more about Energy Online plans' benefits on Power Compare!

No contract, no regrets

It’s quick and easy to join Energy Online, as well as to leave it. There is no fixed term contract and termination fee - just let Energy Online know if you want to quit.

Handy Mobile App

Control your energy anytime, anywhere with the Energy Online App. Track your power usage, pay energy bill and even sign up for LPG bottled gas and order replacement bottles - all quickly and easily from your smartphone.