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Solar Power

What is Solar Electricity?

Solar energy can be used to produce electricity by solar panels. Luckily, New Zealand has many sunny days throughout the year, that’s why our country generates a lot of solar energy. Electricity can be produced even when it’s cloudy, however, not during the nighttime.  Solar power is simply a method of converting the sun's energy into electricity for us to use just like any other form of electrivty.


How much does Solar Power cost?

Many people have financial questions around solar power and installing solar panels.  If you have decided to buy solar panels to save up money on electricity bills, first you need compare solar panel installers and providers, and use a solar calculator to figure out how much value you can receive by switching to solar.  Chances are you will need to still top up with electricity from a traditional power provider.  The amount of energy that your solar panels will produce depends on a range of factors - check out this solar calculator for an idea.


Is Solar power really eco-friendly?

We can say with absolute certainty that when choosing solar panels ithey are much more environmentally friendly than power sources that use fossil fuels.

However, one of the biggest considerations for the manufacturing process of solar panels is the fact that the power needed to make the panels comes from using fossil fuels. Although this issue is unavoidable, many experts hope that it will cease to be a problem in coming years as more and more solar panels produce greener electricity.

Silicon, a major part of the solar panel manufacturing process, is very easy to obtain without using destructive mining methods that cause further harm to the environment. The industry is currently pursuing ways to make the manufacturing process friendlier for the environment. Although these changes take place bit by bit, they have the potential for a major impact. 

Making the switch to solar energy will definitely have a healthy impact on the environment.  Unlike solar farms, residential solar panels take up very little space. Rooftop locations provide the best place to generate a lot of sunlight, and the use of batteries makes storage for nighttime and cloudy days easier. When financial circumstances and local regulations allow, most who switch to solar power find it a major advantage over fossil fuel-based sources but it does cost up front.

Therefore, if you are looking for a “green’’ lifestyle, and you worry about greenhouse emissions — first off compare green energy companies and then look to make the switch to solar... oh, and you better switch to an electric vehicle and start saving up energy at home if you really want to be green.

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