Ecotricity is the ONLY provider of 100% carboNZero Certified Renewable Electricity. We source our electricity from sustainable and certified renewable electricity generation including carboNZero Certified hydro and wind from the Monowai and Roaring Meg hydro dams and Flat Hill Wind Farm.

We are also the leader in supporting solar by purchasing solar generated electricity from a growing number of our solar customers. 

By supporting Ecotricity you are supporting the development of new renewable generation projects. By using these sources the New Zealand economy can grow without costing the earth.

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Total 5.0
Overall Satisfaction 4.3
Value for Money 6.3
Customer Service 4.3
Average from 3 reviews
2021-09-15 07:16:16
Sunny 8.3
Saved a lot using off-peak power
Eco-friendly, great off-peak rates
The bill seems a bit confusing at first, took me some time to understand it.
2020-07-09 21:45:43
Peter Tau 3.7
Inconsistent format to invoices can be confusing
Electricity was promoted as wholesale. In reality there is a wholesale component plus ecotricity's per kilowatt charge which varies from month to month, no consistancy between monthly invoices leaves you puzzled
Invoice format has been inconsistent which adds difficulty when comparing one month's breakdown costs against another month's
Received an email just over a month ago that electricity wholesaler had reduced prices, this was not reflected in the following months invoice, electricity retail cost had increased per kilowatt rates instead wtf. Pulling my hair out at the mo, trying to compare apples with apples and pears with pears.
To be cautiously fair, ecotricity have just charged $29ish for a $338ish months power but for the life of me I cant find any sensible numricle equation on the invoice to explain why, I'll be calling them tomorrow for an explanation as I am untrusting the logic and am fearing a $750ish Powerball next month more
2018-12-25 18:42:30
Artem Jeremy 3.0
There is no clear statement that there is a one month standby period if you want to change a company. So be careful when joining this company.
No bills have been sent over email or available on the website. Just got those message - "An error has occurred. Error: Your Invoice is currently unavailable" when I was trying to see or download my bill.
Then suddenly, under "Transaction History", I've got "Adjustment - $xx.xx Adjust - Penalty For Late Payment".
I'm glad that I switched out and would recommend staying away from this company. more
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Cheapest power company NZ
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