Ecotricity is the ONLY provider of 100% carboNZero Certified Renewable Electricity. We source our electricity from sustainable and certified renewable electricity generation including carboNZero Certified hydro and wind from the Monowai and Roaring Meg hydro dams and Flat Hill Wind Farm.

We are also the leader in supporting solar by purchasing solar generated electricity from a growing number of our solar customers. 

By supporting Ecotricity you are supporting the development of new renewable generation projects. By using these sources the New Zealand economy can grow without costing the earth.

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Total 4.8
Overall Satisfaction 4.8
Value for Money 6.3
Customer Service 4.7
Average from 9 reviews
2023-09-02 13:47:38
Rose 8.7
We've been with Ecotricity for a long time now (coming up 10 years). We had the odd problem in the beginning which I can only chalk up to being a smaller business but we've had great customer support since. In that time we've gone through three house moves which have always been seamless and easy. We
The only truly green power company (offsetting their own business carbon emissions).
Sadly not partially community owned anymore (purchased by Genesis which isn't great)
2022-04-05 10:51:09
Blair 3.0
Ecotricity is the most disgustingly dishonest company I have ever had dealings with. These guys refused to discuss a billing issue and convinced TSB to restart a direct debit and remove way more money then they we owed without contacting myself or even sending a reciept to justify it. Absolute scum!!!
Stay clear from these people
2022-02-11 12:45:38
Clint Baker 2.3
Give this company a miss.
Really can't think of a Pro. Was sent to this electric retailer by Solar Zero
Ineptitude, variations on the truth neighbouring on dishonesty in all communications.
Cheapest power company NZ
Cheapest power company NZ
With power prices frequently changing, how to be sure who is the cheapest power company in New Zealand? Finding the cheapest electricity provider can feel a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. For a second you think you know what company offers the best energy deal, the next moment they have gone.