GLOBUG allows you to pay for electricity as you go so you'll find it much easier to manage your electricity spend and keep on top of payments.

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Total 9.0
Overall Satisfaction 10.0
Value for Money 10.0
Customer Service 7.0
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2020-05-27 10:28:22
Taulagi Natua 9.0
Been with Globug for about 10 years now
Good if you are budget and power conscience
If you forget to top up, and miss the reminder, power is cut.
Cheapest power company NZ
Cheapest power company NZ
With power prices frequently changing, how to be sure who is the cheapest power company in New Zealand? Finding the cheapest electricity provider can feel a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. For a second you think you know what company offers the best energy deal, the next moment they have gone.