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Compare Power Companies - Power Comparison

Power Comparison tool - why and how to compare power deals

Is it easy to change power, gas or dual-fuel with Power Compare?

Power Compare can help you find the best energy deal in your area — just follow these simple steps to compare power and gas: Enter your address. We'll show you the best energy deals in your area. Choose the one that suits you. Fill the form and our representative will be in touch ASAP. Read more about switching your power company.

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What is Power Compare?

Power Compare is a free, independent power comparison website that helps consumers compare gas and compare power companies and switch energy supplier to save money.

Will my gas or power supply get cut-off during the switch?

No. You'll still be receiving your power through the same cables and pipes so there won't be any an interruption to your power or gas supply, or any need to dig up the driveway. Only the company that provides your power bills or gas bills will change. Or, if you compare power and gas, your dual fuel bills will change.

How do I compare power and compare power deals?

Start by entering your address on our site and follow the instructions on-screen to compare power plans and power companies, or just gas or electricity or broadband. We'll provide you with a list of suppliers and their best offers.

I just want to compare cheap power companies.

There's no one cheap power company for everyone. We will help you find the best energy deals in your area, but you would need to make a choice for yourself. 

Why should I switch my power company?

You could be looking to save some money or may want to switch to get better customer service, or you might want to opt for a green energy company. Whatever your reason, you can always find a great power deal on Power Compare.

Should I bundle my power and broadband?

You certainly should consider that option. The benefits of a bundled plan for your utilities are obvious. Using a single power company for your broadband and power may save you money and help you to combine all your utilities in one bill. With more providers now offering broadband and power, there are some great power discounts to be had. This includes Orcon power which offers a $150 credit for your power bill and when used in conjunction with broadband. Plus Slingshot Power offer their broadband at just $49.95 for the first 12 months if you bundle it with power. These big combined offers make broadband and power bundles a great option for making the most of discounts and keeping your bills simple.  

What happens once I've switched power company?

Power Compare is a free power comparison tool that helps you to find the best power deal. Once you've completed your power switch, your new energy supplier will contact your old power company and agree on a switching date. You will then receive an email or a phone call from your new gas or Power Company. They will outline what you've agreed to, and tell you what happens next. There won't be any break in your power or gas supply.

Can I trust Power Compare?

Yes, we're the best at digging and finding the latest power deals and power offers, but don't just take our word for it. Check it out yourself. With many power comparison sites to choose from, Power Compare has been one of the fastest growing.

How does Power Compare make money?

Power Compare has commercial agreements in place with some power companies across all our services, including electricity. We charge power companies a fee when we switch clients to them, which means we can provide you with a free service.

Will electricity prices rise in the next year?

It is very likely that some of the power companies will raise their prices in 2018 or 2019. Power prices did rise before and there is little to suggest that this trend won't continue into the future. Comparing gas and power companies is always a good idea to make sure you're not missing a great power deal.

Where is my electricity meter?

Depending on the design of your house, your power meter could be in a few different places. For some houses, the power meter might be found in a storeroom under the stairs or in a box in a laundry room, for example. In some cases, it will be found on the side or back of the house, outside.
If you live in an apartment building, then the electricity meter might be down the hallway inside your building, in its own locked locker. The location of a power meter varies from house to house, but if you do a little search around, you will find it.

Why is my energy expensive?

Your energy could be expensive for a number of reasons. First, it would be a good idea to look at what appliances you are using and check if they can be switched off when not in use or if. Maybe they can be used more efficiently. See our guide to free power saving tips to help you lower your gas and electricity bills.
A simple thing like switching your light bulbs to energy-saving bulbs can save you cash in the long term. Getting a smart meter can also help you more accurately read how much energy you are using in your house. It's also a good idea to compare power deals to see if you can switch to a better deal.

Why is my power bill so high?

- It might be because your fixed price plan ended. A fixed price plan protects against price changes. These power offers do end though, and when they end you get automatically moved on to a new offer with different power rates, which is usually much more expensive. Sometimes this new deal is another fixed rate one, but that doesn't mean you're locked into it and you are free to switch to a new cheaper deal. Read more about lowering your power bill.

- You're using more electricity. It could be that you're simply using more power at home. Consider getting a smart meter to monitor your power usage better. You can see how your daily behaviour influences your power costs, and figure out a way to reduce your power usage through lifestyle changes.

If you're concerned about the cost of your power, continue reading more in our guide to reducing your household power bills.

Will gas prices go up in the next year?

Gas price rises are often blamed on rising wholesale costs so the first place to look when predicting a gas price rise in the next year will be the wholesale gas market. If wholesale gas prices are going up, it is likely that power companies will need to raise their own prices to account for this change.

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