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We're one of New Zealand's largest listed companies and work hard to put our energy into what really matters - keeping the lights burning, the hot water flowing and the wifi working for over half a million homes and businesses across New Zealand. Compare Contact’s prices and deals at Power Compare.


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Total 5.7
Overall Satisfaction 5.6
Value for Money 6.4
Customer Service 5.1
Average from 10 reviews
2020-03-23 11:46:46
No SHOW Tech. UNACCEPTABLE CALL WAIT 45mins Customer Services Closed A/c NO SIGN UP NO NEW CUSTOMER!!!
2020-02-10 16:45:56
Muhammad Rohail Khan Kundi 1.0
My Account number with contact energy is 501226863. I just want to warn customers for tricky and ambiguous fixed term contract of contact energy. Their agent told me that the fixed term contract is for 12 months. I also received a welcome letter which "never mentioned" the length of the contract or the ending period of my fixed term contract.It only had the following words written in it.
"Thanks for choosing our Saver Plus 200 Plan. Being able to fix the price you pay for your energy is
important so we hope you enjoy having this peace of mind.
Your pricing will not increase until 31 March 2021, subject to the exclusions set out in the Saver Plus 200
Plan special terms"
Now where on earth is there written that my fixed term contract is for 15 months??? It only mentions that the prices will remain same till March 31,2021.Their fraudulent agent also told me that their contract is for 1 year(just like all other power and telecom companies) .I got rid of them just 1 month before March 31 and now they are charging me early termination fee! This is soo tricky and fraudulent. Avoid using this tricky and fraudulent company.Their rates are also as tricky as the company itself more
Tricking customers.
Telling them ambiguous and tricky information.
Poor customer service who never listens to you.
Bad rates.Also tricky.They will show you tricky information so that you might think they have cheaper rates...Dont be fooled..Dont use contact energy ever again for tricking customers more
2019-09-05 23:50:28
Kevin Tidmarsh 5.3
The customer service people are amazingly friendly and helpful people (once you get through to one.) : almost always make your day.
The management of the accounts has been efficient.
This was the one and only company from which I used to get prompt customer service. Of recent times that's changed. It's gone the way of all big corporations and is now the worst I've ever had any dealings with.
My last two calls took 117 minutes and 127 minutes to be answered. When I chose the call-back option, no one ever called back. I suggest that the CEO of this company needs to go. I say that because he's manifestly cut staff to the bone and cares nothing for those that need prompt information from a staff member. They say customer satisfaction is one of their important goals. Instead it's fast becoming the worst and most hypocritical company in the country. The CEO may think he's building up his profile and track record by wholesale staff cutting and increasing the company's bottom line but isn't it counter productive when you're driving customers away in droves by your selfishness and disrespect for those that
make you filthy rich? more
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Contact Energy Promo Code
Contact Energy Promo Code
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