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We're one of New Zealand's largest listed companies and work hard to put our energy into what really matters - keeping the lights burning, the hot water flowing and the wifi working for over half a million homes and businesses across New Zealand. Compare Contact’s prices and deals at Power Compare.


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Total 4.2
Overall Satisfaction 4.1
Value for Money 5.1
Customer Service 3.4
Average from 17 reviews
2020-12-09 10:24:06
Patsy Hood 2.7
Their customer service is abysmal- left waiting for at least 1/2 hour. Tried to get broadband connected with power - could not organise. Very disappointed.
Reasonable pricing
Customer service
2020-05-18 16:26:03
Katie 8.0
Got a great deal with Month Off plan. Didn't have any issues with Contact.
Cheap, good customer service. Bonuses/credits with every plan for new customers.
LPG is provided by Rockgas, so it is not "all in one bill" as I expected.
2020-04-24 16:36:23
Tony O'Connor 2.0
I have been with Contact energy twice now and on each occasion I'm afraid to say i have been let down. It is extremely disappointing in this day and age with the technology available to everyone that Contact still cannot provide an accurate invoice that reflects the amount of energy used. To be told the smart meter could not provide a read at the time requested by contact so the invoice was estimated when a reading was taken from the meter only the day before but they don't use those readings for invoicing purposes is ludicrous to say the least. The estimated read was so far out that if a human had entered the amount he or she would have been sent back to re-read the meter. It is 2020 isn't it? When i find a decent alternative supplier i will be switching and this time I will not be giving Contact Energy any more opportunities to let me down. more
None unfortunately. Each time I have rung Contact to get my issues sorted out it is implied that I my expectations are unreasonable when all I want is an accurate invoice so I can pay for what I have actually used. To get an invoice for for about 1/2 of what is a normal months usage at the same time the local Lines trust pays my dividend to my energy supplier to then receive an invoice almost 3 times the amount of a usual month when there is a smart meter on site is unacceptable. To then find that the meter provided data that could have been used to mitigate against ludicrous inaccuracies which was ignored by contact and I have to pay almost 3 times my normal monthly bill when going in to what has become 7 weeks of isolation and lockdown with zero income over that time due to Covid 19 is just another slap in the face. To have little or no understanding of that situation demonstrated by any of the number of customer service personal is I guess just a reflection of Contact energy's respect for their customers. more
Poor service
Poor plans
poor pricing
and poor follow up.
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