Z Electric

Power for your home that fuels your car.

In 2018 two Kiwi companies, Z Energy & Flick, proudly partnered to bring the very best energy choices to as many Kiwis as possible.

The result of that partnership is Z Electric - combining the best bits of both companies into an electricity experience that’s world-class, rewarding and a way to help with New Zealand’s transition towards a better future, where electricity plays an even greater role in New Zealanders’ moving world.

With no fixed-term contracts or exit fees, customers score 50L of fuel when joining and earn 5L of fuel for every $100 spent on their power bill. Now that’s powerfuel!

So every time you switch on the lights, boil the kettle, watch TV or charge your phone, you’ll be earning fuel rewards.

To make it even easier, fuel rewards are deposited and redeemed within Z App - using Z’s world-first products Sharetank and Pay by Plate / Pay in App for a seamless experience.

Z Electric is available almost everywhere in New Zealand as long as you have a smart meter

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