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Our guide to Solar Energy in New Zealand

Guide to Solar Energy in NZ
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Want to take control of your power bill and do something good for the environment? It might be time to think about solar energy.

We have seen the cost of installing solar systems reduce over the last five years or so. This puts solar energy into the reach of many more New Zealand homes.

Homes that rely on a ‘traditional’ electricity supply will be at the mercy of energy companies and fluctuating energy prices. The ability to generate your own electricity with solar panels puts you in control of your power bill.

Benefits of installing Solar Panels in your home

  • Save money on your power bill. Installing solar panels can offset some of the costs on your power bill and provide a long-term solution to growing power costs.  Every kilowatt of energy you use from your solar energy system is a kilowatt of energy you didn’t have to buy from your power company.
  • A one-off investment for years of savings. A one off investment in a solar energy system can provide years of “free” electricity via solar for years to come.  
  • Add value to your property. As solar energy becomes more popular in New Zealand, an investment in a solar energy system could add value to your property in the future.
  • Be in control of your power bill. The capacity to create your own electricity reduces your reliance on the electricity grid and electricity retailers. A solar system allows you to take control of your future electricity consumption and electricity bill.
  • Do something good for the environment. New Zealand ranks pretty well when it comes to sustainable electricity generation through hydro and wind. But we still rely on fossil fuels like coal to top up the national power grid when needed. Solar panels create a more sustainable cleaner energy mix.

Here is a simple outline of how solar power works

The technology behind solar power is fairly simple - solar panels are installed in your home in a spot that captures the sunlight, sunlight causes electrons to move around and create a current, which is directed into your home as electricity. In more detail:

  • PV panels (short for ‘photovoltaic’) are installed onto your roof or on brackets, where they are exposed to sunlight. 
  • The panel is then connected to an inverter, which looks a little like an electricity metre box. 
  • When sunlight hits the cells of the PV panels, electrons are loosened and move around.
  • The electrons are then captured and start to move in the same direction around a circuit, generating what is known as a Direct Current (DC). 
  • This current moves down the cabling to your inverter, where it is then converted into an Alternating Current (AC), the kind of power that can be used to power your home!

Is solar energy right for me?

New Zealand is a lucky country for many reasons, one of which is our beautiful weather. Solar panels work when the sun is shining, which we regularly experience even in the cooler parts of the country.

This means that many homes across New Zealand may be well suited to solar power systems. Solar panels can help offset some of the cost of your power bill and provide a long term solution to growing power bills.   

Solar power can be a great option for many homes, but it won’t be a feasible solution for everyone. If you are interested in installing solar power in your home, the first step will be to get a free solar feasibility assessment from Choice Energy. 

Choice Energy's solar energy experts will take a detailed look at your needs, looking at prior electricity bills and assessing your site for solar panel viability to create a solution built specifically for you. 

Request solar feasibility assessment 



Learn more about how to get Solar Energy set up in your home

Learn more about Solar Power in New Zealand



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