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Do I Qualify for Winter Energy Payment 2024?

Do I Qualify for Winter Energy Payment 2024?
Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The winter chill is already lurking, setting the tone for what will, no doubt, be a frosty season! With colder temperatures comes the increased use of heaters and thus, the unwelcome increase of electricity bills. Those unwelcome bills can put a strain on our budgets and make the winter particularly hard for households and families, especially during this cost of living crisis. 

The Winter Energy Payment was introduced by the government to help soften the blow of these hiked bills and help Kiwis meet them. 

What is the Winter Energy Payment?

The Winter Energy Payment is an automatic payment sent by the government to eligible Kiwis. It’s designed to help with the additional cost of heating your homes in the winter. You don’t need to apply. If you are eligible, you’ll get the Winter Energy Payment automatically from work and income. 

This year, you’ll receive your first payment the week of 6 May. But if you get paid NZ Super of Veteran’s Pension, you’ll receive your first payment as a part payment on 7 May, and your full payment on 21 May. 

Who is Eligible to Get the Winter Energy Payment?

You will receive automatic payment of the Winter Energy Payment if you are getting: 

  • NZ Super
  • Veteran's Pension
  • Jobseeker Support
  • Jobseeker Support Student Hardship
  • Sole Parent Support
  • Supported Living Payment
  • Young Parent Payment
  • Youth Payment
  • Emergency Benefit
  • Emergency Maintenance Allowance.

Who Cannot Receive the Winter Energy Payment?

There are instances where you won’t be eligible for the Winter Energy Payment. Unfortunately, you won’t qualify if you: 

  • don't get one of the payments listed above
  • get an overseas pension which means you don't get any NZ Super or Veteran's Pension
  • get Residential Care Subsidy or Residential Support Subsidy
  • live overseas.

What is the Payment Period and Rates?

The Winter Energy Payment period is from 1 May to 1 October 2024. 

Rates are dependent on your situation for those eligible. 

  • If you are a single person with no dependent children, you’ll receive $20.46 per week. 
  • For couples and people with dependent children, you’ll receive $31.82 per week. 

To see if you qualify and to read more information, jump on the Work and Income website. 

Winter Energy Payment

There are a variety of other ways that you can save money on your power bill

You can compare your bill with Power Compare. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to compare different plans and providers available to you so that you can find the best price and the plan that suits your household needs. There is no point paying more for your energy bill when you don’t need to!

Compare Power

There are also lots of simple things you can do around the house to reduce your power consumption, which will ultimately help lower your electricity bill. Don’t forget to invest in energy efficient appliances when you upgrade!

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