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Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Why Energy Efficiency is Important and Saves Money with NZ Compare
Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The concept of energy efficiency is an often under-appreciated strategy to combating the impacts of climate change. Kiws can make a great positive impact on the environment and their wallets by choosing to invest in appliances and devices that are energy efficient. 

What is Energy Efficiency?

Simply put, energy efficiency is the least amount of energy used to perform the same task. It’s just about being smarter about what you use and when you use it, so you can reduce energy waste. This is good for your bank account and the environment.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency in 2024

5 Reasons why energy efficiency is important for Kiwis and Aotearoa. 

1. Lowered Power Bills

Save money on electricity by investing in energy efficient appliances. You can use PriceMeto compare different energy efficiency ratings of hundreds of products across retailers in Aotearoa. While you may need to pay for the upfront costs of the product, you will save money in the long term by choosing products that use the least amount of energy possible to perform the same tasks. You can also switch plugs off at the walls when you aren’t using the device – to avoid that pesky vampire power – and make sure your lights use LED bulbs.

2. Minimised Carbon Pollution

Using less energy is important because it means we are reducing our carbon emissions – particularly from carbon and gas sourced power plants. Carbon output – or greenhouse gases – are harmful to the environment as they can contribute to increased global average temperatures, air pollution and polluted waterways. This is harmful for both wildlife, our own bodies, and communities in Aotearoa and beyond. The less greenhouse gases we contribute to the environment, the healthier it will be.

Boosting energy efficiency in vehicles, appliances and buildings is a cost-happy way to reduce pollution, such as carbon dioxide, on a large scale and over time. It is vital that communities across the world adapt to energy efficient strategies so we can achieve net zero emissions and effectively combat climate change.

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3. Cleaner Air

Reducing our fossil fuels can help make people and communities healthier. When we burn fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, tiny particles are released into the air, which can harm the environment. New Zealand still has around 20% of energy generated using these types of fuel. With less energy consumption, we can have cleaner air, water and land. 

4. Reliable Power

When we have better energy efficiency overall, this cuts down the amount of electricity on the grid system at one time – this is called the load. With less load, it diminishes clogs and stress, helping the electricity flow along the wires on the streets faster, preventing potential disruptions to power. 

5. Improve Community Wellbeing

Bringing energy efficient technologies and infrastructure to communities, particularly marginalised communities of Aotearoa is also important because it can improve the overall wellbeing of communities. Energy efficient technologies can help reduce energy costs for households and create more wide-spread financial and economic benefits.When societies invest in energy efficient technologies, it can also create jobs in research, production, installation and sales, which will further elevate the overall wellbeing of communities. Therefore, it’s important that Kiwis invest in energy efficiency for benefits on a community and societal level.

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