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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Electricity Authority is going to be improving comparison services so Kiwis can unlock more control over their power bill.

The Electricity Authority Te Mana Hiko (Authority) has announced its decision to better empower Kiwis to compare and switch their electricity plans and providers

“In the complex environment of today’s electricity market, consumers need information and tools to compare and choose a power plan that best suits their household’s energy needs and budget. We are confident our decision will make it easier for consumers to make the energy choices that suit their needs,” says Andrew Millar, General Manager Market Policy.

TheAuthority wants to support Kiwis to make better choices about the right power plan for their unique household or business needs by facilitating simple processes and accurate information. Afterall, an informed decision is often the best choice.

The Authority made four key choices on how they will improve comparison and switching tools and services for Kiwis. 

“We’ve heard from consumers that they want more from the Authority’s comparison and switching support services. They are asking for a service that is easier to use, innovative and reliable,” Millar says. 

The decisions will focus on the following key areas: 

  • Getting a website service beginning 1 July 2025.
  • Getting funding to make the website more trustworthy for Kiwis
  • Making changes to improve the website. 
  • Creating support that goes beyond the website to give Kiwis more control over their power bills.

“We also understand we can’t rely solely on a website service to provide the outcomes we are seeking. As part of our four decisions, we will be looking into other mechanisms that will benefit consumers, such as best plan notices, support for community advisors, standardised bill information, and greater access to consumer data.”

The Authority will begin work on this project today. 

“The Electricity Authority envisions a future where every consumer is empowered to take full advantage of a dynamic and competitive energy market. In this new landscape, consumers are not just passive users of electricity but active participants, equipped with data and innovative tools to make informed decisions. This is what we call consumer mobility,” Millar comments.

“By lifting consumer mobility, we empower them to manage their energy consumption and costs effectively, while fostering competition in the retail market.”

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until July 2025 to unlock savings. Power Compare makes it easy and quick to compare an extensive array of power plans and providers available to you. This is THE most effective way to save money on your power bill. At this time of year, when our power bills are eye-wateringly high thanks to an icy winter, you can take back some control by. Compare now and make savings now. Don’t wait

Compare Power

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