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Earth Day: 8 Ways to Lower your Power Bill

8 Ways to Lower your Power Bill and Save Money with Power Compare
Friday, April 19, 2024

Our planet is unique and special. It is the only place we know that humans and animals can live. It’s important we each do our bit to reduce the amount of energy we consume so that we can minimise the amount of carbon emissions we generate. There are things we can do in the home to lower the energy we consume so that we can save money on our power bill and our carbon footprint. 

We have rounded up our top 8 ways you can easily lower your power bill and reduce your environmental impact!

1. Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Consume less energy by choosing appliances that have a high energy efficiency rating. You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint, and minimise your monthly power bill but still keep the lights on, your devices working, and your home warm. Jump on PriceMe to compare the energy ratings of various household appliances such as washing machines and fridges and get the cheapest price for your investment. Remember, it will save you money in the long run and you will make great returns on your investment!

2. Reduce your Shower Time

Most homes will heat your water up with electricity or gas. Keep your showers short to make sure you are using the least amount of hot water possible. When you wash your hair, pause the shower. You’ll also reduce your water bill. Use your extractor fan to keep the bathroom dry after your shower. If you can shower at the gym, do it! 

3. Run your Washing Machine on Cold

Make a habit of washing your laundry on cold and only running loads when the machine is full! Be sure to dry your laundry outside on the clothesline or opt for an indoor clothing rack to use if it’s raining or if you live in an apartment. Put the rack on your balcony or allow some air flow to make sure moisture doesn’t build up inside. If you need to use the dryer, make sure you use an energy efficient model and ensure the filters are cleaned. Clogged air filters will mean the machine has to work harder and consume more power. 

4. Block Drafts from Escaping

In the summer, you’ll want to trap the cool air from your aircon, and in the summer, you’ll want to stop the warmth from your heat pump escaping. Make sure the drafts cannot escape. Check all your windows properly when they’re closed. Ensure your roof and walls are properly insulated. 

5. Close and Open Blinds at the Right Time of Day

In the winter, open your curtains in the morning to get as much sunlight as possible and close them before the sun sets to keep the warmth inside. Consider getting some curtains that drape to the floor so that the heat can’t escape from the bottom. 

6. Unplug Devices When Not Using Them

When you’ve finished charging your phone, unplug it from the outlet or switch the power off! This principle goes for all your other devices and appliances. Turn them off at the wall when you are not using them, especially if you go out of town. Standby power, or vampire power, is when the devices are on standby, waiting for you to use them, and still consuming power. While it may seem like a small amount of power, it can add up to a hundred dollars or more over a year!

7. Run your Dishwasher on the Economy Setting

Only run a dishwasher load when the machine is full and use the economy wash setting for the least amount of power consumption possible. On the topic of the kitchen, make sure you only preheat your oven for the amount of time you need to. Turn your toaster, blender air fryer and other appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them. Replace your ancient white fridge with a modern energy efficient model. 

8. Try Solar Panels!

Solar panels, while an initial investment, generate electricity for free from the abundance of the New Zealand sun. Solar panels can generate enough electricity to cover a good portion of your power and even cover the entire month of electricity needed for your home. With little maintenance required and a long lifespan, solar panels are a great way to lower your electricity bill and your carbon output. 

The Benefits of Solar

You can also lower your power bill by comparing

Power Compare makes it easy to compare different plans and providers available to you, based on your unique household. Compare side-by-side and find a better deal, a cheaper deal and more value in minutes. Make an informed decision on your power bill and lower the amount you pay so you can put your hard-earned dollars to other things. 

Compare Power

Or have a chat to our friendly team at Power Compare for FREE bias-free, obligation free advice on your power bill. Call 0508 226672 Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm!

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