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Electrical Safety: Our Top 5 Tips!

NZ Compare's Top 5 Electrical Safety Tips
Thursday, February 15, 2024

Electricity powers our world. It keeps us warm, promises connectivity, and equips us to perform everyday tasks. But using its power and potential comes with the responsibility to prioritise safety. As we continue to plug in more devices and light up our lives, it is vital that we understand and implement safety tips. Electrical fires are some of the most common causes of house fires. Elocution and electricity-related injuries and damage can be easily avoided by ensuring you practise a few safety habits. 

We have put together a list of electrical safety tips that empower you to stay safe in an ever plugged in and connected world. 

1. Don’t Overload Outlets

Outlets throughout the home are designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity. If there are too many devices or appliances plugged into it – through a multi-power board – you run the risk of a small explosion or fire. Avoid using mult-boards for large appliances. Plug them in straight to their own outlet. Also make sure that outlets don’t have clutter around them, and ensure they can’t overheat and don’t put items on top of them.

Extra Tip: If you are needing to use lots of multi-boards around the home, consider requesting for an electrician to install more outlets. 

2. Avoid Extension Cords if you Can

Extension cords are a tripping hazard! They can cause injury and damage to the wires or outlets when they are torn from the wall. If you do need them, ensure you place them out of the way. You can pin them to the bottom of walls around the room to hold them in place.

3. Keep Water Away!

Water conducts electricity, and is a recipe for painful injuries. Even the tiniest bit of exposure is dangerous! Always wipe down spills from counters to avoid contact with plugs. Keep appliances and tools such as hair dryers away from sinks and bathtubs. We often have power outlets right by the sink. You could install a caddy for items like your hair dryer or straightener to make sure there is never a risk of them falling into the sink. 

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4. Replace Damaged Cords

If the wiring in your cords is exposed, you need to replace those cords! The coating around the wires protects us from getting hurt. They could also cause damage to your other belongings if there was a spark. 

5. Give Appliances Space

Electrical equipment needs proper air circulation to keep them from overheating or shorting out. If it gets too hot, it could start an electrical fire. Give all your appliances enough room around them to “breathe” and so that the air can circulate around them and keep them cool. For example, dryers need to be a decent space away from the wall in order to stay cool and safe. Avoid running appliances and devices in enclosed cabinets. 

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