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energyclubnz closes its doors

Monday, June 22, 2020
energyclubnz closes its doors


Following a challenging year, energyclubnz has felt the full impact of COVID-19 and an increasingly volatile energy market.  

The company released a statement from its founder, David, which we have reproduced below.

As one of the first clients of Power Compare it is with sadness that we share this news and we wish all the team the best in the future.

If you are an energyclubnz customer and would like to look at your options in the market you can contact the team on 0508 226672 or compare plans by clicking the button below.

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The energyclubnz statement in full:

We are heartbroken to report energyclubnz has chosen to exit the retail energy market.
It is with an immense amount of sadness that we have taken the incredibly difficult decision to cease our operations in June 2020. This is a result of a number of factors, including the prolonged, ongoing, and increasing volatility in the wholesale electricity market as well as the impact of Covid‑19 which has meant many households face increasing challenges in meeting their household expenses, including their energy bills.

The combination of Covid‑19 and a volatile wholesale energy market has made our model unsustainable without significantly raising pricing: this was something we weren’t prepared to do to our members.

Our customers' energy accounts are being transferred to Contact. We approached Contact because we believe they are the best retailer to look after our customers in terms of service, pricing and stability. The Contact team have been fantastic: professional, fair, transparent and great to deal with.

Customers who would like to find out more about the transfer can click here for a list of FAQ we have created alongside Contact to help our customers through this transition.

We will be doing everything we can to look after our staff as energyclubnz winds down over the coming weeks. They are a fantastic group of smart, committed and highly employable people with great skills.

I wholeheartedly thank our members and our team for joining us on our journey and mission helping kiwi households use less, save more, and do good.

Founder – energyclubnz


Need to compare power plans?

Contact the team on 0508 226672 or compare plans by clicking the button below.





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