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Flick puts their foot down on the price of power! Join their revolt today!

Reduce your power bill with Power Compare!
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Flick Electric has announced its pressed pause on acquiring new customers to look after their existing Flicksters.


The NZ electricity market is stuck on high, it continues to mount pressure on energy retailers nationwide, driving prices UP along with unsatisfied customers.

Retailers need to purchase electricity to supply their customers, that’s you. The current price of electricity has meant growth plans have been put on pause for many. This isn’t a good thing, it encourages the gap of inequality between retailers and gentailers. That gap, impacts you.

What the heck is the difference?

Retailer – a power provider who sells electricity to Kiwi consumers

Gentailer – a power provider who both sells and generates power for other power companies and Kiwi consumers too

NZs Gentailers are the big brands you’ll know very well. Companies like Flick Electric, feel the ability to both generate and sell electricity is an unfair advantage and cuts out the competition.  Less competition means Kiwis don’t get fair electricity pricing or enough rivalry within the market to create new offers that benefit your household.  Without competition, your options are limited as a consumer. It’s 2021, limited options isn’t the trend we want to see.

Efforts for Flick are now focused on how to retain their existing customers, not campaign for new ones due to the current market.

To keep it simple, a lot of retailers can’t afford the current price of electricity, which means they can’t afford to acquire new customers. Why? Because in order to supply new customers, they need more electricity and the current price makes that impossible.

Flick has put their foot down and is calling for support and action from the government to put this right and allow fair competition, through fair pricing, across all retailers.

 You don’t need to be a Flick Electric customer to sign the petition.


How does power pricing impact me?

  • less special deals or exclusives offers in the market
  • increased pricing on your electricity bills
  • Retailers stopping acquisition = no new sign ups allowed
  • Retailers removing themselves from the market, so they don’t disappoint you when you can’t sign up

What does this mean for Power Compare? Can I compare what’s out there still!

Power Compare’s goal is to ensure we list every retailer and every plan for you to compare when considering switching companies or plans.

The current market conditions have meant some of our valued energy partners have been forced to remove their pricing to stop any of our consumers signing up.

We’ve worked hard to establish great relationships that benefit you and with the support of many of our power providers, are aiming to get pricing re-listed on Power Compare – so you, can truly compare what’s out there.

If you see that you can’t sign up to one of the offers on Power Compare, it’s likely because they can’t acquire right now. Never fear, our team is here to help! They will tell you what power provider and plan is available right now and get that switch sorted.

Need help to compare what's out there?

Give our friendly NZ based Customer Support Centre a call on 0508 226672.

They’re here to support you in making a fully informed choice about what provider and plan is right for your needs. Hassle free, obligation free and just FREE full stop. Let us help you tick a job off the list.


Switching saves your household money, compare what’s out there now.

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