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How much electricity do NZ homes use in summer compared to winter?

Friday, May 3, 2019
Electricity use seasons

How much does home electricity use change in summer vs. winter?

This will depend on where in New Zealand you live and how your house and hot water are heated.

The average kiwi home uses about 7,000kWh of electricity, but these averages vary depending on where in New Zealand you live and how your house and hot water are heated.

For example, in 2017 the average home amount of electricity used varied from about 5,870kWh in homes in the West Cost to 8,550kWh in Canterbury. This is because homes in the West Coast tend to be heated using fires, but homes in Canterbury are typically heated using electricity.

Variations in home electricity demand

Daily and seasonal patterns mean that demand for electricity varies from moment to moment, and supply needs to change to match it. Electricity consumption is usually at its highest on cold winter evenings when people are home cooking and want to heat their houses.

Although most people would expect electricity use to peak in winter, some regions may have higher demand during summer. For example, when people turn on air-conditioning or when farmers use large irrigation pumps.

Day-by-day, demand for electricity typically peaks in the morning as people get up and start their day and in the evening when they get home, cook dinner, watch TV and turn lights on. So, electricity distribution networks need to be capable of supplying enough electricity during these daily peak times when demand is highest.

These maps show how electricity use changes across NZ for summer, autumn, winter and spring

Electricity use in winter vs spring

Electricity use winter vs spring


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