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Bundled plans go from strength to strength

Thursday, January 30, 2020
Relax and compare bundled power plans online

Truspower have reported that their new customers have a strong preference for bundled plans with 84% of all new customers signing up for two or more products.

That’s an 8.6% increase year on year for the total number of customers signing up for 2 or more products with Trustpower.

The increasing popularity of bundled plans is one that Power Compare has seen with our customers too. An increasing number of Power providers are offering bundled plans, so there is more choice than ever. And, there are a number of reasons why bundling your power with services like broadband may be a good option for you.

What are bundled power plans?

Traditionally most people received their home utilities like power, gas, broadband, or phone from several different providers. This meant the admin of dealing with different billing cycles, customer support numbers, and different renewal dates for all your plans.

NZ service providers are increasingly offering bundle deals to their customers. This could be as simple as bundling your electricity and gas together, or bundling your power and broadband plans together. This can allow you to get better savings than if you pay for each service separately, and gives you the convenience of dealing with just one provider for several services – easy!

Why should I bundle my power and broadband?

It’s not surprising that Trustpower are reporting such a strong preference for bundled plans from their new customers. There are lots of benefits to bundling:

  • Exclusive deals: Signing up for a bundled deal can be a great way to get exclusive deals like sign-up credit or other perks
  • Save money. Bundling your power, gas, broadband or phone into a package deal can be a great way to get cheaper power or broadband rates and save money throughout the year
  • Streamline your home admin: If you are moving into a new home or want to streamline your household management, pre-made bundles are a great option.
  • One Bill: Bundling home services like broadband, power and gas with one provider is a convenient way to streamline your home management with just one bill. 
  • One customer service point: Bundling your home utilities can make life easy with just one contact point for enquiries and customer support.

Have you considered bundling your power and broadband?

Take a few minutes to check out your options when it comes to bundling power and broadband – streamline your life, and find great opportunities to save.

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