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Worried about your increased electricity use & bigger bills heading your way?

Increased power bills during lockdown
Monday, April 13, 2020

As we head through lockdown and the long recovery that’s expected after, concern is growing for people who are likely to struggle to pay their power bills.

And, the Electricity Association tells us that Power Companies have concern and compassion for people who may be struggling to pay their bill, or can’t because they don’t pay their bill online as post office is closed.

In an interview with Radio New Zealand this weekend, Electricity Association CEO Cameron Burrows said that anyone who is concerned about paying their bill should contact their power company to work out a payment plan.

He said that some people are worried about how to pay their bill because you don’t have access to the internet, or can’t pay online. The first step is to give power company a call to discuss your situation – eg: set up direct debit, or automatic payment over the phone. Power Companies have set up their call centre staff to work from home during the lockdown, so someone will be available to answer to the phone and talk through the options.

He reassured listeners that the association don’t want to see anyone falling into debt or choosing not to heat their homes because they can’t pay their bill.

The Electricity Retailers Association represents power retailers such as Contact, Genesis, and Mercury Energy.

Will my power bill go up during lockdown?

There is no doubt that many New Zealanders are likely to experience a tough time financially in the coming months as New Zealander begins a long recovery from the financial impact of Covid-19. 

With everyone at home, and electricity usage up, bills could increase by between $6 and $10 dollars a week.

If you feel that you are paying too much for power, keep in mind that you can still switch power companies during lockdown. There are a number of power companies you may not have considered who are doing innovative things to help customers control and reduce how much they pay for power.

For example, Powershop often have competitive joining credit - plus choose to buy special Powerpacks to prepay your power when it’s cheaper, or pay as you go with guaranteed savings.  

Compare power plans with Power Compare to make an informed choice about power. Or our Customer Support team are ready and waiting to chat with you on the phone about the best option for you. Give them a call on 0508 2COMPARE (0508 226672)


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