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Power Company Reviews - NZ Energy Company Ratings

Power Company Reviews from REAL Kiwis

We want your opinion - Review your NZ energy provider now!

Here at Power Compare we are always looking for ways to make switching energy provider easier, more informative and give you more confidence in choosing a new power provider and making your energy switch experience as simple as possible.  It's why we have introduced things like the Power Compare Power Bill Challenge and also why we have made it super quick and easy to leave a review on your current energy provider to help other Kiwis know what you think of your power company in our easy to use Power Company Review section.

We list and collate energy company reviews from Kiwis across NZ and then make them available to you t help 

The Power Company reviews we collect on Power Compare also contribute towards our Power Compare rating which helps you decide which Power company has the best power deal for you.

Read reviews on all the NZ Power Companies by clicking on the relevant company below - we have listed the companies in alphabetical order to let you find and read reviews on your power company quickly and easily.

NZ Power Company Reviews 

Black Box Power Review
Bosco Power Review

Contact Energy Review

Ecosmart Power Review
Ecotricity Power Review
Electra Energy Review
Electric Kiwi Power Review
energyclubnz Review
Energy Online Power Review

Flick Electric Power Review

Genesis Energy Review
Globug Power Review

ID Power Review

Just Energy Review

King Country Energy Review

Lighthouse Energy Review

MAD Power Review
Mega Energy Review
Mercury Energy Review
Mercury Power Review
Meridian Energy Review

NextGen Energy Review
Nova Energy Review

Orcon Power Review

P2 Power Review
Paua to the People Power Review
Payless Energy Review
Powershop Power Review
Property Power Review
Pulse Energy Review

Slingshot Power Review
Switch Utilities Power Review

Tiny Mighty Power Review
Trust Power Review

Wise PrePay Energy Review


Thanks for visiting our Power Review page - if you can't find the NZ Power Company that you are looking for please contact us and let us know and we will get them featured to help Kiwis compare power providers and power deals to find the best power plan for their needs. 

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