Genesis Energy

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Total 3.7
Overall Satisfaction 3.2
Value for Money 3.6
Customer Service 3.8
Average from 9 reviews
2023-08-15 15:57:20
Eric Baldwin 2.3
Tried to contact them today at 3.50 pm and was told that the wait time would be 15 mins.

This is certainly not acceptable for a company of this size, so go elsewhere if you want good customer services
Customer service wait time atrocious
2022-08-30 12:47:56
Graeme Ayres 1.3
Going dark on Genesis. They installed a new meter late last year 21. I notified them in Jan/Feb it did seem to be working as my app was not recording use. In August 22 they finally addressed the issue and now I am stuck with a significant back dated invoice. I am a low user but they now suggest I go on standard plan to reduce bill. Standard plan costs more overall. C'mon Genesis get your act together, now shopping for other providers.
Like their app
failure to correct their problem appears to be at my cost despite my alerting the issue to them
2022-03-16 16:26:30
john ELLIS 4.0
we have been with genesis for 6 yrs now 3mths ago our bill got up to over300 dllrs 2person house summer when we rung they told us our meter had been turned off since oct and they had been estimating our usage to their advantage of course I remember a person coming in oct to upgrade our meter He was here for 15 mins then said he was at the wrong place., and left he had turned off the meterGenesis couldnt get the guy back until march annoying thing was it took a lot of fluffing about by us to rectify the problem. more
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