Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is a diversified energy company.

We sell electricity, natural gas and LPG through our retail brands. We generate electricity, and trade electricity and natural gas, through our Generation business. We also have a 46% interest in the Kupe Joint Venture which owns the Kupe oil and gas field.

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Total 4.0
Overall Satisfaction 3.7
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Customer Service 4.4
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2022-03-16 16:26:30
john ELLIS 4.0
we have been with genesis for 6 yrs now 3mths ago our bill got up to over300 dllrs 2person house summer when we rung they told us our meter had been turned off since oct and they had been estimating our usage to their advantage of course I remember a person coming in oct to upgrade our meter He was here for 15 mins then said he was at the wrong place., and left he had turned off the meterGenesis couldnt get the guy back until march annoying thing was it took a lot of fluffing about by us to rectify the problem. more
2021-02-17 14:22:30
Gwen Hungerford 1.0
I had an account with Genesis but they for no reason at all were billing someone else. Finally, there name has been removed. We were paying $40 - $80 a month on power due to having solar panels. My daughter moved in and was paying $200 with Genesis. An extraordinary leap. I can only assume they were charging her with someone else's account. When she phoned they said that power was most used midday on a Friday. She works then and lives alone apart from her daughter coming fortnightly. I would never recommend Genesis to anyone as they are also considered on the of the most expensive as well as major mistakes mentioned above. Very, very disappointed. more
2020-08-13 14:13:44
Liesa 1.0

Very expensive electricity provider with confusing monthly bill. Had been trying to contact unfriendly and rude customer service several times, and they didn’t know how to explain what was written on my bill. One of the customer service was saying that even though she explained it to me, I wouldn’t understand. This company has unhelpful and rude customer services, supposed to give a better training on how to speak to the customer and instead of providing shit service
Expensive and unfriendly customer services. Hopeless high rate. Absolutely not recommended
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