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Genesis Energy Price Increase 2024

Kiwis are continuing to feel the pinch of the cost of living, it is important to stay up to date with changes in the industry. Many energy retailers in Aotearoa are changing their prices in 2024.

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Genesis Energy

Why Has Genesis Increased their Prices?

Energy retailers must regularly review the costs of the electricity supply chain. There are many different parts of the electricity supply chain that require maintenance and upgrading such as towers, power stations, lines, and poles. As inflation rises, these costs change, which is why energy retailers adjust their prices accordingly.

Genesis energy prices 2024.

Genesis energy prices have increased in April 2024. Genesis’ energy basic, 1 year fixed plan has an anytime rate of 0.2617 per kWh.* This is about 1.6% higher than last year for most consumers. 

If you have noticed your power bill going up recently, don’t panic just yet. There are a few things you can do to lower your bill. 

It’s always a good idea to reduce your power consumption. There are many ways you can do this. But one of the most effective ways is to invest in energy efficient appliances. If you have an ancient washing machine, fridge or heater sitting in your home, it could be gobbling up a lot of energy and a culprit in your high energy bills. Consider shopping for a new unit that has a high energy star rating. This means that the product will use less energy to keep your food cold, or warm your home, which can drastically reduce your energy bill

Check out 7 other ways to lower energy consumption

Another way to lower your power bill is to compare power plans available to you. Use the form on this page to compare costs and unlock savings that make a difference to your budget and monthly expenses. Why pay for more, when you can find a better deal? Save on your power bill today!

As electricity prices rise, consider checking if you qualify for the winter energy payment, which will help cover some of your energy bill each month. 

Remember, prices vary across the country. The Genesis energy rates quoted in this article are based on an Auckland address.  For an accurate estimate at your property remember to compare power prices based on your address!

Disclaimer: *The electricity prices quoted on this article are sourced directly from provider websites for an address in Auckland and are intended for example purposes only. Please note that these prices will not accurately reflect the rates applicable in your specific area as these change across the country.

About Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy Price Per kWh

The energy plus plan sits at a rate of $0.2958 per kWh.*

Genesis Energy Plans

1. Energy Basic / 12 months fixed term.

Daily Fixed: $1.0350 / day
Composite: $0.2617 / kWh

2. Energy Plus / Open Plan

Daily Fixed: $1.0350 / day
Composite: $0.2958 / kWh

3. Energy EV / 50% cheaper electricity between 9pm-7am 

Daily Fixed: $1.0350 / day
Day (7am-9pm): $0.3372 / kWh
Night (9pm-7am): $0.1685 / kWh
Interim Composite: $0.2769 / kWh

Genesis Energy Deals

Get up to $150 credit, up to 11% in discounts, and free Power Shout hours when you sign up for 12 months.